BACS Bulletin

End March Payment Process

Invoices for the month of March should be submitted as soon as you finish work for the month and be made up to the last working day. Payment of valid invoices supported by an authorised timesheet will commence on 31st March 2014 and continue daily into April.

Deadline for rapid payment

Please note that international travel commitments mean that our FD will be scarce from 5th April. Though he will be able to approve BACS payments remotely the reliance on international communications infrastructure will inevitably introduce delays into the process. Your invoice will still be processed but, for absolutely security of prompt payment, please have your documents with us early in the week beginning 31st March.

Email scanned, signed timesheets to with a cc to the signatory. Please email invoices separately to preserve confidentiality.

Please do not post timesheets, but observe the protocol for email submission.



Financial Controller.