BACS Bulletin

End October Payment Process

Invoices for the month of October should be submitted as soon as you finish work for the month and be made up to the last working day. Payment of valid invoices supported by an authorised timesheet will commence on Saturday 1st November 2014 (earliest cleared funds 5th November) and continue daily into the new month with BACS runs almost every day in the first week of November. Payments thereafter will be intermittent but regular.

Deadline for rapid payment

There are no special arrangements this month. All invoices submited in the first week of November will be processed virtually instantly. Submissions in later weeks may queue for a day or two, rarely longer.

Email scanned, signed timesheets to with a visible cc to the signatory. Please email invoices separately.

Please do not post timesheets, but observe the protocol for email submission.



Financial Controller.