Timesheet Download

Please click on the icon in the right pane to download the timesheet.

Enter month number and year into the appropriate boxes, and the spreadsheet will automatically populate a day/date  table with weekend separators.

The table should be completed on your pc, then printed for signature by the client. Most of the data need only be entered once at the first time of use by filling in the header boxes.

Then each month enter the new month number and the date table will do the hard work.

If you enter the time data (hours or days) into the tables before you print the document, the tables will total automatically. Please only enter one of hours or days, choosing according to whether yours is an hourly or daily rate. Timesheets cannot be processed if you don’t use units which match the orignal agreement.

We will accept timesheets either a) in original hard copy by post or b) as an emailed scan of the signed original sent to accounts@thebridgeit.com with a visible cc to the client signatory. Emails without a cc or faxed timesheets will not be processed.

Please don’t include your invoice with the timesheet as this would violate the confidentiality requirements of our agreement. Therefore send invoices in a separate email or by post.