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Bridge Bytes - Top 5 Most In-Demand IT Jobs

almost 4 years ago by Rebekah Lee

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We all rely on technology and IT networks every day of our lives. From the systems we use at work, to the way we spend our down time and the public services on which we rely, it’s hard to image a time when IT wasn’t so integral to how we live.

What all that means for the employment market is demand for the skills required to maintain existing IT systems and develop new solutions continues to grow.

The IT job market is extremely diverse as a consequence, creating opportunities for all candidates with an IT background. And, often, IT skills and experience are transferrable to emerging roles and technologies, creating opportunities for dynamic careers that embrace change and help to drive innovation.

The question that many candidates ask is where the best IT opportunities lie. Some IT jobs may require further training or professional development so it pays to know how much potential they offer for career progression.

Here’s our summary of the top five IT jobs currently in highest demand. Click on the job titles to search for available opportunities:

  1. .NET Developer

With so many services now delivered online, the job of programming web-based applications is critical for many organisations. .NET developers are web programmers with a strong understanding of the .NET framework. They’re responsible for developing a variety of online programs, applications and interfaces. They may have experience in a variety of programming languages so there is lots of potential here for transferable skills.

  1. GDPR Data Security

From May 2018, GDPR legislation has made it mandatory for all businesses and organisations to keep personal data securely and demonstrate the steps they have taken to do this. As many organisations don’t even know what personal data they have, where it is or how to track it, there is an urgent need for data security specialists that can help programme systems to comply with the new legislation and keep data secure.

  1. Cyber Security Specialists

Cybercrime has become a significant threat to companies, public sector organisations and individuals, with incidents rising year on year. The specialist skills needed to protect systems against malicious hacks and viruses are in high demand and this looks set to continue to be a growth area of the job market indefinitely.

  1. Data Scientists

Recently referred to in Forbes as ‘the century’s hottest career’, the job of a data scientist is to analyse and interpret complex data, such as usage statistics from website traffic. These skills are playing an increasingly important role in a business strategy and resource planning, making the role of data scientist critical to a wide range of organisations.

  1. Network Architect

Required to design, build and maintain a variety of data communication networks, from expansive cloud infrastructures to smaller intranets, network architects are needed for roles in a wide variety of organisations, including data processing specialists and companies that rely on data comms services. As we become increasingly dependent on cloud storage and cloud-based processing, network architects will remain in high demand.

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