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Bridge Bytes - Artificial Intelligence: Powering the Recruiters of Tomorrow?

over 3 years ago by Rebekah Lee

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once considered a fanciful idea found only in science fiction, but we’re now starting to see it enter the mainstream market. Google boasts a collection of AI offering to aid searches, while Apple’s introduction of Siri has meant that Artificial Intelligence is now in the back-pockets of millions of smartphone users around the world.

Technology companies aren’t the only ones benefiting from Artificial Intelligence, however. An increasing number of businesses are turning to Artificial Intelligence to streamline processes, increase efficiency and limit errors. The recruitment industry has the opportunity to take advantage of machines to carry out time-consuming, repetitive tasks, which could see the industry undergo a complete transformation, benefiting those on both sides of the table.

Recruitment is one of many sectors with the potential to benefit from Artificial Intelligence – more specifically through automation. Using big data analytics and machine learning, robots could search through hundreds of CVs to find the candidates most suitable for certain roles, based on attributes and skills supplied by recruiters. Artificial Intelligence could even potentially adapt to recognise key phrases and information, which has unlimited capabilities.

Why Artificial Intelligence and recruiters working together is so important

A worry often associated with Artificial Intelligence is its replacement of jobs and human contact. In recruitment, machines have not been introduced to substitute recruiters, but to speed up tedious processes. What AI can’t do is interact on an emotional level, build client relations and interview candidates. It’s the instinctive nature of humans, our ability to understand sentiments and enhance relationships that make recruiters unique. Artificial Intelligence, working alongside recruiters, will strengthen the industry, providing unparalleled service and efficiency without losing that all-important human contact.

How could AI benefit recruiters?

Efficiency: Using AI means faster, more efficient processes.

Accuracy: Using big data analysis, AI offers unparalleled accuracy and will have the ability to source suitable candidates with full objectiveness.

Better client relations: AI offers quick help using standardised processes and could therefore lead to a better success rate and client relations.

Allows recruiters to focus on what’s most important: With AI taking over the more mundane, time-consuming tasks, recruiters can focus on closing deals and interviewing candidates.

Automatic updates: AI could provide quick updates to candidate records, enhancing the data which it uses.

How could AI benefit clients?

Finding suitable candidates based on data: Using attributes and skills inputted by a recruiter, Artificial Intelligence could easily find the most appropriate candidates for a role.
Quicker: Sourcing the right candidate can often be a time consuming task, but with Artificial Intelligence, this will be substantially quicker, speeding up the overall employment process.
No human error: Employers can relax knowing that there has been no human error in the AI’s search. The only errors that can come about are from the information inputted by recruiters.
More applications per job: HR tech start-up Textio have developed Artificial Intelligence which uses previous job listing performance to assess which postings would perform well, which in turn could lead to more applications and an increased success rate.