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Bridge Bytes - Top CV Writing Tips for 2019

over 3 years ago by Rebekah Lee

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We share the simple steps to perfect your CV in an increasingly competitive jobs market that will continue to accelerate in 2019.

With an abundance on online resources available to candidates at the touch of a button, the quality of applications has risen dramatically. With so many good CV’s landing on hiring managers desks, employer expectations have risen in along with it.  

This guide will explain CV writing for 2019 to help you land your dream job.


1. It's all in the details 

It’s such an obvious one but still so many CV’s are received with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Get all of the small, but important details right, like the spelling of someone's name. CV’s with spelling mistake will end up in the recycle bin. 

In addition to paying attention to spelling and grammatical errors, also remember to review your CV from the readers point of view. Analyse, how easy is my CV to read? Use this 3-step check list to ensure your CV will create the impact it deserves:  

  • Use bullet points where possible and keep every sentence short and to the point. 
  • Spacing is crucial when it comes to a long list of job titles and tasks. So, take a step back once you have everything on the page and consider how easy it is to read, try 1.5 or double spacing your sentences to improve readability. 
  • If you have any doubts ask a friend to check over it for you and have them give you their feedback.


2. Make it social 

“Your digital footprint speaks volumes” ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive

Social media is pervasive over all aspects of life. Used correctly, in 2019 social media can play an important and powerful role in getting you your next dream role.

Choosing to include your social handles into your professional profile section, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, can be a really powerful way of showing that you are genuinely interested in your industry. Simple steps, such as engaging with industry groups and commenting on relevant articles, show that you have an active and inquisitive mind. If you are actively involved in your industry on social media, showcasing this can give you a huge competitive advantage over other candidates.

TOP TIP: only use social media on your CV if you are happy with your digital footprint and that it gives a positive and well-rounded impression of you. Don’t direct potential employers to you profiles if you have nothing to offer other than pictures from nights out. 


3. Bring it to life - make your experience work for you 

A CV written in 2019 needs to go a step further than simply listing your work experience on a page. While experience is important, the more vital thing is showing how useful your experience can be. Follow our top 4 tips to make your experience shine:

  • Focus on the most recent and relevant roles: A job you held ten years ago that has little to no relevance to the new role you are applying for should just have a small list of tasks. There is no need to go into any detail for these roles as it will only take up valuable space.
  • Make it relevant to the role: Showing how your experience will help to solve problems is a powerful way of illustrating how aligned you are to the role.
  • Bring it to life: actively show the employer what you have achieved, include any outstanding results and back it up with stats to showcase how you made an impact during your time. Any internal and external awards will further add weight to your career history.
  • Get techy: We live in a digital age, make this work to your advantage. With many fantastic online resources, it’s never been easier to create a portfolio of work using a drag and drop website creator. Not just activity resigned for designers, anyone, from marketeer’s to lawyers, can take advantage of this technology to bring your experience to life in a creative way. 


4. Going the extra mile really pays off

Unfortunately, as competition for roles hots up in 2019, sometimes great work experience and achievements might just not be enough to get you over the line. If you really want to make your CV stand out it’s worth considering leveraging any extracurricular activities that can be used to showcase your skills. 

Activities like mentoring illustrate that you’re interested in not only bettering yourself but using your expertise to help others. Whilst joining an office sports team or organising team building activities show that you’re an outgoing, team player keen to enhance others work life. 

It’s often these activities that differentiate you from another candidate. Utilise your extracurricular experiences to actively demonstrate who you are as a person, both personally and professionally. 


In 2019 the most successful CV’s will be free from mistakes, full of detail, relevant experience and relatively short and snappy. Remember, make use of technology where possible and get creative to stand out. 

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