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Bridge Bytes - The Bridge IT Support Private Sector Clients with Fully Booked IR35 Forum

about 3 years ago by Rebekah Lee

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We were thrilled with the reception of our first IR35 Forum in Leeds yesterday. The fully booked event demonstrated how end clients can compliantly support their contractor workforce through the changes to IR35. Featuring insightful presentations from our specialist partners Weightmans LLP* and Champion Contractors* the seminar covered:

  • How to avoid costly legal challenges

  • Ensuring your contracts are compliant

  • Reducing the numbers of contractors that leave your organisation

  • Liaising with your contractor population to provide a consistent message

  • Getting equipped with the right tools and partners to compliantly support your organisation and contractor workforce

Kieron Hinchliffe, Client Director at The Bridge IT; ‘We were delighted with the turnout for our first IR35 forum. Our clients were engaged throughout and came away more informed and prepared with practical steps to ensure a compliant workforce. IR35 is understandably a concern for both our client and contractor communities and our forum highlighted how critically important it is for companies operating in the private sector start preparing for April 2020 as soon as possible’

ir35 in the private sector

What is IR35 and how will the changes affect you?

IR35 is the latest piece of legislation that will affect the contractor landscape. The rules for the taxation of those individuals providing their services through a personal service company introduced under IR35 will be changing from April 2020.  Changes to how IR35 is applied in respect to the provision of off-payroll working in the Public Sector were made in 2017. The intention is to make ‘similar’ changes for the Private Sector. One of the key changes which will directly affect our clients is that the responsibility of defining the IR35 status will switch from the individual to the end client.

What do we advise?

Given the dependence of many large companies on short-term contractors, we strongly recommend that companies who engage contractors start making arrangements right away – to ensure you are ready to take on the new responsibilities in April 2020. Our specialist partners Weightmans LLP and Champion Contractors can help you undertake a full review of your contractual workforce, to ensure your business is prepared well in advance of the changes. For more information please contact 

Our IR35 e-book

In addition, we have created a downloadable guide to help you navigate the changes that may impact your business. Recordings and commentary from our latest IR35 forum give insight and practical advice on the steps your business needs to take to prepare. The e-book concludes with questions put to the panel by end clients who operate in the private sector. Their questions, and the answers provided, give real insight into the queries and concerns of business professionals who will be directly affected by IR35.

Download our e-book here.

Champion Contractors* have over 10 years’ experience of enabling contractors to establish their employment status. This experience was called upon to support public sector organisations through the off-payroll changes implemented in April 2017. Champion are proposing a seamless service to ensure effective management and compliance of your contractor arrangements throughout the supply chain.

Weightmans LLP* is a Top 40 UK law firm who have significant experience in evaluating and assessing employment status. They have already provided advice to a range of organisations in the public sector and are able to offer proactive advice to private sector organisations in the lead up to the April 2020 changes. Weightmans LLP are also able to help in; determining employment status and assisting organisations to establish their own systems for doing so, reviewing and amending terms of engagement between organisations and contractors and compiling procedures to ensure compliance at all times.