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Bridge Bytes: We Spoke to NLP Master Practitioner, Robin Goldsbro on Organisation Z and Re-Thinking the Future Workplace

almost 3 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

Org Z

Part two of our Neuro Linguistic Programming discovery, we spoke to Robin Goldsbro about the radical new movement of imagining the workplace of tomorrow, Organisation Z.

Organisation What?!

At a roundtable hosted by the Bridge earlier this year, Robin answered the question that we were all thinking, “traditionally organisations are using more command and control ways of being with people. They’re offering rewards and they’re very basic in terms of how much money you get paid.

Organisation Z is about rethinking what we do there. Individuals are a bit younger and want more out of their life and get more out of their life through the organisation that they’re working with.”

Robin actively challenges people he works with to think about why they work for a business, leading them to explore the question of, “How is it that I can live my values through that organisations and what sort of rewards and mechanisms do I get?"


But what can organisations do to attract new talent?

For Robin it’s simple, “People want to be in control of their lives, it makes them feel better. They’re expecting to work for an organisation that has a very clear value set which is in line with their own.” The message seems clear, a ‘competitive salary’ isn’t enough to attract the younger generation of talent.

As Robin affirms “They’re not looking for the transactional relationship of hours spent against money paid – they’re looking for something that really appeals to that deep inner self.” An emotional connection is needed to support the more traditional methods of candidate attraction and retention.

Social responsibility is also playing an important part of the decision-making process of millennial job seekers. “They’re looking for an organisation that is doing amazing things outside of business. They’re looking for something to appeal to that social conscience that people have – they want to contribute to something bigger than themselves.”

 What were the main focal points of the roundtable event with the Bridge?

“The question is about who this is for. Who are we not including who we should be including? Age came up a lot and sexual orientation, as well as disability.

We talked about how do you create awareness that there’s a need to do something different and who needs to have that awareness. We made the distinction that if there aren’t individuals at the top table who have that mind set, then it’s very difficult to get some of the change further down.”


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