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Bridge Bytes: The Weekly Tech Roundup 10/04/2019

over 2 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

Bridge Bytes Social Graphics Weekly Roundup

It’s been a busy week for the tech industry, with a new competitor on the data cloud scene unveiling global domination plans, driverless taxis taking to the streets of Las Vegas and what weekly tech roundup would be complete without another Facebook scandal? Let’s tuck in and terabyte out of the latest tech news.

1. Oracle’s plans to create a global data storm

Larry Ellison giving speech

This week we covered the topic that has sent shockwaves throughout the data cloud industry. 

Oracle, a seemingly dormant player in the data cloud market, recently erupted into life and announced their plans to expand their cloud services to 36countries! Making them the second largest global provider of cloud services, above Amazon and Google. Read more about that here… 

2. Say goodbye to those awkward conversations with taxi drivers

Zoosk taxi car concept

Earlier this week, Zoox a tech development company focused on self-driving cars based in California have announced plans to introduce autonomous taxis in Las Vegas. Zoox are planning on developing a fleet of ‘carlike robots’ that will resemble Mini Coopers. Currently Zoox are using Toyota SUV’s to test the technology on the roads. The first fleet of autonomous taxis are set to hit the road in 2020. 

3. Microsoft release the phone nobody asked for

Surface Neo and Surface Duo mobile phones

For some reason Microsoft have unveiled plans to realise the worlds first ‘foldable’ phone. Looking at the dual screened device, you can’t help but envision flashbacks to dodgy 80’s sci-fi props. According to Microsoft, the Surface Neo and Surface Duo boast the ‘thinnest LCD screen in its class’ and comes with a magnetic Surface Slim Pen. Prices are still yet to be announced, but hopefully Microsoft will offer a 2-4-1 as a promotional deal.

4. Facebook’s latest data leak: this time it’s personal

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook have finally felt what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a data leak. At the beginning of this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered an internal speech / Q&A to his employees discussing the recent trouble with the FCC and addressing the potential threat of Facebook disbanding. Little did he know the entire moment was recorded and shared online. Zuckerberg’s words are reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s final ‘FREEDOM’ speech in Braveheart… just before he and his army are slaughtered by the English. You can listen to the actual audio here…