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Bridge Bytes: Weekly Tech Roundup

over 2 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

Bridge Bytes Social Graphics Weekly Roundup

As the week draws in and the weekend looms, we take a look back at this week in tech. This week has proved a turbulent one for the tech world. Yesterday we shed light on surveillance technology and how George Orwell could have been right. Apple have become embroiled in political unrest in Hong Kong and vaping related injuries are on the rise. On the upside, Schwarzenegger’s back baby! Terabyte out of the latest tech news. 

1. Surveillance Tech – compulsory or creepy?

Surveillance cameras

Earlier this week we delved deep into the murky world of surveillance technology. We lifted the lid of the newest and perhaps scariest methods of identifying individuals, and like the plot of any good socially charged d

ystopian sci-fi film, it appears somebody will always be watching. China have already been testing technology that can identify people based on how they walk! Read more here... 

Apple logo

2. Apple takes a bite out of Hong Kong

This week Apple have been met with harsh criticism from many people across the world. The criticism comes from their decision to withdraw an app that they believed was being ‘used maliciously to target individual officers for violence’. is a mapping service which crowdsources and tracks the location of protests in Hong Kong. Critics argue that Apple have potentially endangered thousands of people in Hong Kong trying to avoid the riots. Tom Cook, Apple’s CEO has internally supported Apple's decision in a company wide email. 

3. Vaping has now been classed as an ‘epidemic in the States


Recently in the UK health concerns were raised around the Juul vape, which has been accused of indoctrinating thousands of non-smoking teens into the world of vaping. However, in the US, concerns are a lot more serious. Vape pens have been reportedly blowing up in peoples faces, sometimes even causing fatalities. Whilst the level of lung related illnesses has seen a sharp increase over the last five years, with gruesome sounding illnesses like popcorn lung plaguing the headlines. 

4. He promised and now he’s delivered… Arnie’s back!


Love them or hate them, the Terminator films are up there with the most iconic sci-fi films of all time. Now of course we’re talking about the first two, anything after that is nothing more than a shameful attempt to cash in what could have been the greatest movie franchise featuring a built Austrian to have ever existed. But now he’s back, in all of his 80’s nostalgic glory, leather jacket and shotgun in hand. Terminator Dark Fate also stars the original Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, the robot fighting mum from when the films were still cinematic triumphs. For the sake of the entire sci-fi genre (and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career) we hope that this latest instalment delivers.