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Bridge Bytes: Weekly Tech Roundup 18/10/2019

over 2 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

Bridge Bytes Social Graphics Weekly Roundup

This week was the week tech geeks and avid Google fans around the world have been waiting for… the 2019 “Made by Google” event! This year the event was hosted in the Big Apple and unveiled a whole heap load of Google gadgets.

In other news, NASA have unveiled their brand-new Moon Spacesuit, which should be ready to touch down in 2024. Earlier in the week we looked at global accusations of cyber-attacks and the threat they may pose to national infrastructure. And finally, yes you guessed it, Facebook has been involved in yet another scandal, and this time it’s political. It’s time to terabyte out of the latest tech news.

Google takes a bite out of the Big Apple (sorry Apple) 

Made by Google event

Earlier this week hundreds of tech geeks swarmed New York, all jostling to get a front row seat at Google’s annual “Made by Google” event. Google didn’t disappoint its fans, unveiling some market disrupting tech whilst simultaneously firing shots at its competitors. So, what exactly did Google unveil? We’ll list the top four tech announcements below:

1. Pixel 4: Google’s new flagship smart phone which promises brand new Android updates, motion sensing technology, which means you can control your phone without touching it (not really sure why) and a dual-lensed 16 MP camera.

2. Pixel Buds: Google’s answer to Apple’s wireless earphones, Pixel Buds deliver music from your phone straight to your ear via Bluetooth.

3. Pixelbook Go: Google’s ultra-sleek on the go laptop. The laptop is designed with portability in mind, the exterior is covered in a grippable material, ensuring your laptop will never slip out of your hands again.

4. Nest WiFi: Google’s new all in one WiFi router and voice assistant smart speaker. The first of its kind, Nest will cater to all of your domestic needs, under one roof.

NASA’s new Moon Spacesuit

NASA's spacesuit reveal

NASA has unveiled its new designs to create a spacesuit in time for the proposed 2024 visit to the Moon. The suit is designed to cater for all shapes and sizes, which is a problem with the current spacesuits. The current suits only make it possible for a number of certain sized astronauts to carry out spacewalks due to the suits limited sizing. The suit is also designed to deal with the pesky Moon dust (and no that’s not a drug). The dust that covers the Luna surface is incredibly fine, which means it sticks to everything and damages equipment. 

The global cyber-attack blame game

Cyber security map

In what can only be compared to as a massive game of Cluedo (without the fun), the worlds superpowers have been pointing the finger at each other, leaving the rest of us asking ‘who done it?’ This year 78 cyber- attacks have been reported across the world, each with the potential to harm infrastructure and cause national disturbances.  America have been the most vocal with their accusations (surprise surprise) blaming Iran, China and Russia for attempts of carrying out cyber-attacks. 

#DELETEFACEBOOK is trending after reports of Zuckerberg’s secret meetings

Facebook ban

Earlier this week it was reported that Mark Zuckerberg had held secret meetings with conservative influencers. The reasons for the meetings are uncertain, but many believe that they are an attempt from Zuckerberg to build bridges with the conservatives after a tumultuous relationship.