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Here’s your chance to experience a Journey to Full Stack Delivery with the Bridge IT and BJSS

over 2 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

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We have teamed up with BJSS, an award-winning IT solutions and business consultancy firm based in Leeds, to deliver a Full Stack Delivery event like no other. The event offers an exploratory journey into engineering a successful Full Stack Delivery project. Led by BJSS Server Side and Front-End Development engineers, the topics range from front end design strategies, to serverless AWS based alternatives.

Check out the topics below:

 “De-mystifying compilers: What happens when I build my code?” The compiler is often seen as a black-box where source files are provided and an output executable/library file is generated. This talk will explain what the compiler is doing and the stages it goes through to generate the final output using examples from the Java and .Net compilers. - Andrew Bennett, Software Engineer

 “Java Byte Code: What can we do with it?” The Java compiler takes source files and produces byte code. This talk will look in some detail at the classfile format and how to create classes directly bypassing the compiler, and hightlight some of the uses of this approach. - Andy Norman, Principal Architect

 “Look ma, no servers!” A brief look at how we exclusively used AWS serverless and managed service technologies to rapidly bring a product to market without throwing out the non-functional requirements. - Dave Shipp, Principal Architect

 “Creating a virtual podcast environment” Ever wanted to run your own podcast but too cash strapped to buy any of the swanky gadgets? Maybe you should just build your own and use the tools in the browser? An intro to how I am creating a virtual podcast room using mithril, three.js and some other interesting JS libraries. - Dan Wright, Software Engineer

 “Doc Abode - The journey from design to build” A story of building an MVP in four months. From developing a relationship with the client, figuring out the designs, overcoming the technical challenges and finding an incredible team. - Smilyan Pavlov, Software Engineer

Will Bahra, a member of the Bridge IT team and a specialist Software Engineer recruitment consultant has helped bring this event to life. Over the last four years Will has specialised in  recruiting C# and JavaScript roles and has seen how demand for skilled Full Stack Engineers in the UK has increased over the last few years.

A word from Will:

“What an awesome time to be in tech! In partnership with BJSS we’re aiming to grow a tech community in Leeds, these kinds of spaces allow people on the beginning of their tech journey to learn from established engineers and meet other like-minded individuals.”

Event information:                  

Date and Time:                                               How to book your place:
Thursday, 7 November 2019                           Click here to book your FREE ticket for the event.
17: 45 - 21:30                                                  Registration starts from 5:45pm 
                                                                        Talks start at 6:15pm
BJSS                                                               Complementary food and 
Coronet House                                                refreshments will be provided.
Queen Street