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Bridge Bytes: Weekly Tech Roundup 08/11/2019

over 2 years ago by Harry Robinson

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This week we've got headlines from Google, twitter rants from Elon Musk and yet another streaming service to splash the cash on. Join us as we delve into the wildest and weirdest tech stories from the last 7 days.

Let's terabyte out of the latest tech news.

BritBox: A very British streaming service

This week saw the launch of BritBox, a new collaborative streaming service created by the BBC and ITV. It has been suggested that BritBox could be the UK’s answer to Amazon Prime or even Netflix! But the roster of available content reminds me more of Sunday afternoons around my nan’s house. For £5.99 a month, you will have unlimited access to staples of British television such as: QI XL, Spooks and of course Downton Abbey. BritBox also promises to provide oodles of TV nostalgia, with noughties classics such as Dinner Ladies, Hustle and Secret Diary of a Call Girl, all available to binge upon.

Google Workers Call on the Company to Cut All Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030

With climate change on the lips of, well, almost everyone, Google workers are leading by example calling on the company to cut all of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Not only have they asked Google to “do the right thing” though, in a letter to the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) employees of the technology behemoth have proposed that they end contracts with any fossil fuel companies and sever any funding for think tanks, politicians or lobbyists that threaten to stand in the way of action on climate change.

Bridge Bytes: Political Unrest in the Age of AI

This week we reported on the political unrest in Hong Kong that’s currently consuming the mainstream media and how AI led facial recognition seems to be the cause of these protests. Whilst AI is becoming more and more common in our everyday life, the people of Hong Kong have decided to take a stand against it being used within law enforcement as ‘smart lampposts’ threaten to the turn the country into something reminiscent of a chapter from George Orwell’s ‘1984’. Read more here…

Elon Musk on Mars

Few things are constant in the tech community, but at least we can always rely on a weekly Elon Musk twitter rant. This time it's about Mars, and how plans for building a sustainable city on the red planet involve 1,000 starships across 20 years. It's exciting news, but let's not put the cart before the horse. To set up a permanent city on Mars we need to actually get someone to step foot on it first.