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A Techie Christmas – 2019’s Top Tech Gifts

over 2 years ago by Ben Taylor

Family Carrying Apple Airpods

As the year draws to a close and Christmas looms on the horizon, consumers all over the world are looking for those last-minute gifts to buy for their nearest and dearest and as we all know, choosing the right Christmas presents for your loved ones can be a stressful (to say the least) experience. So as 2020 is fast approaching, we thought we’d look back on some of this year’s best inventions in order to (hopefully) provide you with some much-needed inspiration for your techie prezzies.

A Talking Hearing Aid

Ever get the feeling that your Dad just isn’t listening to what you’re saying? Well, maybe he’s not, or maybe he’s just reached ‘that age’ where his ears have started to fail him. Either way, these hearing aids by Starkey Hearing Technologies promise to amplify sound and tone down background noise meaning that he might just have to listen to you this Christmas, the CTO for Starkey even claims that “It’s better than normal hearing.” However, another cool function is that they do also allow the user to stream music, so if he really is trying to ignore you – then he probably still will.

A Heated Razor

Obnoxious, unreasonable and very proud of the fact that they’ve just started to grow facial hair – sound like somebody you know? No, it’s not Grandma. If a teenager in your family won’t stop talking about their new-found manhood, then this rechargeable heated razor could be the perfect gift for them this Christmas.

Noise Cancelling iHeadphones

Unlike Dad (who you’re unsure can hear you or not), there’s one person in the family who’s consciously making any effort not to listen and they’re most likely going to be on their phone too. The latest Apple Airpods with a newly developed noise cancellation feature are perfect present for any iGen family member who just isn’t ready to fully immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit.

Bad Back?

Long days and nights working (playing Solitaire) in the study on an old chair from the kitchen has led to a bad back and a grumpy attitude. Well, Herman Miller have come to save the day with their new supportive Cosm chair which features an auto-harmonic tilt feature allowing the chair to instantly adjust to a user’s body and posture. Goodbye bad back and hello to a breakfast in bed… maybe.

Self-Wrapping Wrapping Paper

Well, almost. So, once you’ve decided on presents for the Addams’s family this year, you’re going to need help with the wrapping. Enter 3M who have developed their new Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Roll which sticks securely only to itself. In a climate conscious world, this shipping roll reduces packaging and cuts waste and shipping costs too – a conscious clear Christmas alternative to rolls upon rolls of glittery wrapping paper and endless cursing at losing the end on your Sellotape.

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