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Weekly Roundup 24/01/2020

over 2 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

Bridge Bytes Weekly Roundup

This week the tech industry has been in awe since the biggest case of ‘who done it’ could be finally solved, who really hacked Jeff Bezos’s’ phone? 

Opera have also made the headlines this week for all the wrong reasons with their new money lending apps, but they say any press is good press, and every struggling university student and pub quiz cheat’s favourite website is celebrating an amazing milestone, Wikipedia we salute you! It’s time to terabyte out of the latest tech news.


Saudi Arabia take a page out of Russia’s book

No, we’re not talking about topless calendars depicting their supreme leader riding horse back through the woods. We’re talking about accusations of hacking and blackmail. Earlier this week The Guardian released a damming article speculating that Saudi Arabia’s leader, Mohammed bin Salman, had hacked Bezos’s phone by sending malware via Whatsapp. The hacking actually happened in 2018, however The Guardian have dug the case back up due to new evidence suggesting that it was in fact MBS who sent the malware. It was thought that this hacking led to evidence of Bezos’s extramarital affairs being published publicly in the National Enquirer, just months after the device had been compromised. Saudi Arabia has denied all wrongdoing.


Swiss hospital drones take to the sky once more (despite a recent crash near a child’s play area)

The announcement came after an incident involving a drone used for medical purposes crashed near a child’s play area in Zurich. Earlier in the year another drone was forced to make an emergency landing on Lake Zurich after a GPS hardware error. Switzerland have been using drones as a faster alternative to deliver medical supplies across towns and cities for a couple of years, these are the only reported cases of drones malfunctioning so far. Earlier this week it was announced that medical drones would be put back to work following approval from an independent safety investigation.


Opera accused of releasing the first app-based loan shark

Okay, the title might be a bit of an exaggeration, but earlier this week we reported on the current scandal that Opera have been caught up in due to their new money leading apps. Opera have been accused of breaching Google Play’s policy against ‘predatory lending’, based on a report led by investment firm Hindenburg. Read more about that here.


Wikipedia hits the 6million milestone

On January 23rd, 2020, Wikipedia UK announced that there was now over 6million English language articles on the UK site. A collective cheer of admiration from university students across the UK could be heard as Wikipedia publicly announced their incredible milestone. The website started almost 20 years ago with the intention to create a free web-based information sharing platform. Here’s to another 20 years!