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Bridge Bytes: Weekly Tech Roundup 14/02/2020

over 2 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

Bridge Bytes Weekly Roundup (1)

If you’re sick of spending Valentines Day alone, worry not! This week we look at what dating apps could be right for you. We also take a look at why Huawei have been accused of stealing and spying from the US and why broadband and phone contract price hikes could be a thing of the past. So, put the tub of ice cream down and switch off whatever Bridge Jones movie you’re watching, it’s time to terabyte out of the latest tech news.


Google’s gaming studio finally starts making games

A couple of months ago we looked at Google’s entry into the gaming industry, with its then new acquisition of Typhoon Studios. The acquisition of the niche gaming studio expanded Google’s own studio, Stadia Studios. There was one issue however at the time of reporting, Google had failed to make any games. However, that was then and this is now and Google have released five brand new games through Stadia Studios. Users will be able to play the games through a standard Chrome browser or for better display quality, invest in a Chromecast Ultra.


Huawei in hot water with the US over stolen technology

This week the US justice department announced that they would be adding several new charges to its criminal case against Huawei. The charges that face Huawei include racketeering, fraud and breaching trade sanctions with North Korea. These new charges relate to Huawei’s ‘misappropriation of intellectual property’ of six leading US tech firms. Donald Trump has already warned Germany not to allow Huawei to implement 5G networks across the country as Beijing could be using such networks for spying.


Contract price hikes could be a thing of the past according to Ofcom

Ever been left angry and out of pocket because your broadband or phone bill has suddenly shot up? Well we could be on the verge of a future where this feeling is nothing more than a distant memory. Almost every service provider attracts new customers with discounted offers for a certain amount of time, after this time is up however the discount ends and the customer is left with a much higher bill. The new rules, which are set to come into force on the 15 February, will ensure service providers notify customers before their contract ends.


Don’t blame yourself for being single this Valentine’s day… blame your dating app!

This week we lifted the lid on dating apps and which one is best for you. There is no doubt that online dating apps have made the whole ‘falling in love process’ far more accessible, but with so many to choose from, which app is right for you? From one night stands to long term relationships, we discuss the best apps to use to find the right person for you. Read more about here…