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Bridge Bytes: Which dating app is right for you?

over 2 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

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As valentine’s day looms and singletons around the world furiously swipe right in a bid to find love (among other things), we take a look at the movers and shakers from the online dating industry.

There is no doubt that the online dating industry has streamlined the “falling in love” process. It has cut out the most difficult part of the entire ordeal… finding somebody in the first place! People searching for that special someone no longer need to scour the streets and strike up awkward conversation with strangers in public places, it could all start with a simple swipe. But with the thousands of potential dating apps available, which one is right for you?


1. Young dumb and full of… fun? Tinder could be the one for you

No one can deny Tinder’s domination of the online dating industry over the last 8 years. Never before has it been easier to select a potential love interest with no human interaction whatsoever. With over 57million users across the world, Tinder has undoubtedly become the unofficial millennial matchmaker. However, if you are looking for long-term love then maybe it’s time to give those thumbs a rest. According to a study carried out across several American universities, 40% of students confirmed that “Tinder is for hookups, and Bumble is for dating”.


2. A hopeless romantic? Bumble to the rescue

Bumble hit the dating app scene in 2014 and offered a more grownup / less seedy alternative to Tinder, that would cater to those millennials who were looking for something a bit more serious. Bumble offers a more holistic view of a user’s profile, accentuating their hobbies and interests, rather than focusing solely on physical attributes. The Bumble algorithm also uses personal information to identify a potential partner, meaning that you are more likely to have more in common and spend less time sat in awkward silence.


3. LGBTQutie (some titles write themselves)

Over the last few years the online dating industry has listened to progressive attitudes many societies now have on sexuality. LGBTQuite is a dating / social networking app especially geared towards creating online communities inclusive of the entire LGBTQ community. The app was designed to create an open and safe dating community where people can meet on any terms they like, from friendship to something a bit more intimate.


4. Are you a wealthy and good-looking person looking for other wealthy and good-looking people? Luxy might tickle your fancy

A key issue (or benefit, depending on who you are) of using dating apps is that the truth can often be manipulated. For example photos can be tweaked to exaggerate certain features and hide others, this is more commonly known as ‘catfishing’. In more extreme cases catfishing can lead to entire profiles being falsified. Luxy however is a dating app that has taken a hard stance against catfishing. To be a Luxy member you have to be verified by the Luxy vetting team, who will assess your profile to determine if you are who you say you are, and you meet the high standards of other Luxy users. Definitely a platform for the more bourgeois singleton.


5. Build a connection the modern way with Hinge

The new kid on the block that has been making waves in the online dating scene is Hinge. Their motto reads “designed to be deleted”, a delightfully witty slogan evoking the sense that they actually care about your romantic success. Hinge users interact by engaging with content posted by other users, much like a social media feed. A user can then prompt answers from another user and if that user is interested, they can start a conversation. The social interface is designed to eradicate the ‘sliding into your dm’s’ tactic and the unwanted distribution of explicit images. Instead, users get to know other users based on the sort of things they post about.

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