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Bridge Bytes: Move over Silicon Valley…. Yorkshire’s digital tech industry has arrived!

over 2 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

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Ok, we admit it, Yorkshire’s digital tech industry isn’t quite on par with that of Silicon Valley (YET!).

However, new research led by the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership has shown that Yorkshire’s digital tech industry has experienced the highest growth over the last three years, compared to any other UK region.

Now, we know what you might be thinking, that’s a bit rich coming from a research group based in Yorkshire. However, the report focused on several growth aspects of the digital tech industry across the UK, including investment and employment. Despite London boasting the highest figures overall, Yorkshire showcased the highest growth in both Employment, with 48% growth in digital tech jobs over the last three years and an astounding 313% growth in capital investment in digital tech companies over the last five years.


Top 5 digital tech employment growth regions:

1. Yorkshire and the Humber (48%)
2. Wales (29%)
3. East Midlands (27%)
4. South West (20%)
5. Scotland (18%)


Hold on to your hats, we’re about to get filthy with some facts

There are approximately 8,695 digital tech businesses active in Yorkshire, to date! Collectively these businesses have a turnover of £3.67bn! The beating heart of West Yorkshire aka, Leeds, is home to five universities and has the fourth largest student population in the UK! Making it a cultural incubator for innovation and collaboration. Yorkshire has also attracted the attention of some digital dons, becoming the official home for broadcasting big-wigs Channel 4! There are currently 86k people working within the Yorkshire tech industry, two-thirds of which are based in Leeds! And if that wasn’t enough to quench your thirst for Yorkshire based tech facts, Yorkshire was the birth place of every millennials first gaming love, Grand Theft Auto!


What’s next for Yorkshire’s tech industry?

Yorkshire already has some big plans in the pipeline, with tech giant Siemens unveiling plans to develop a £200million smart rail manufacturing plant in Goole, East Yorkshire and broadcasting giant UKTV are set to expand their digital capacity by opening a regional office in Leeds.

UKTV’s Chief Technology Officer, Sinead Greenway shared her reasons for the decision, “Opening a regional technology innovation hub [in Leeds] marks the next step in UKTV's long-term growth strategy, enabling us to harness the skills and expertise of talent outside of London.”


Futureproofing Yorkshire’s digital tech industries

Many local tech experts have expressed their desire to ramp up Yorkshire’s contribution to the medical and financial technology industries. The FinTech and MedTech industries are the fastest growing tech industries across the globe. With Yorkshire’s unique position as an incubator for collaborative working and innovation, spurred on by the contribution from regional educational institutions, it’s in good stead to become a digital world leader in any industry that will facilitate the regions capacity for modern growth.

At the Bridge we have witnessed first-hand Yorkshire’s unprecedented growth within the digital tech industry. Being based in Leeds ourselves, we have helped people working at all levels find careers across the wide networks of the regional digital tech industry and we have helped some of the UK’s largest and most exciting tech companies facilitate growth through hiring amazing talent.

We are proud to be apart of Yorkshire’s booming tech scene and are comfortable in the fact that it will continue to grow year on year.


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