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Weekly Tech Roundup 05/03/2020

over 2 years ago by Nathan Baldwin

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In other news that doesn’t involve the Corona Virus, God’s own country has been recognised as the highest growth region for digital tech jobs and investment in the UK. COME ON YORKSHIRE!! (not that we’re biased or anything). Google and Uber go at it over an employee dispute and Disney + is finally available in the UK! Take a break from the global pandemic and terabyte out of the latest tech news.


A modern-day Pride and Prejudice

Any fans of the 1813 Jane Austen classic will most likely be disappointed by this misleading title. However, Google and Uber could cross blows over one man (and $179million). Google are currently in a legal battle with an ex-engineer, named Anthony Levandowski. Google claim that Levandowski breached their terms of employment by mis-handling around 14,000 documents containing confidential material on Google’s autonomous vehicle technology. However, Levandowski is currently employed at Uber, which could indemnify him and potentially make Uber liable to pay the $179million. A verdict is yet to be announced.


5G expands its invisible empire

5G is now live in over 24 markets across the world. The new network has made performance speeds 100x faster than your bog standard 4G networks and facilitates a far higher number of connections from one cell site. According to the carrier association, 5G is live in 24 locations across Korea, North America and Europe. The carrier estimates that the network will account for 20% of the global network market by 2025.


Move over Silicon Valley

Well not just yet, but Yorkshire has been recognised as having the highest growing digital tech industry in the UK. The research led by the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership has shown that Yorkshire tops the list for growth in employment and investment attributed to its digital tech industry. Read more about that here…


Disney + is finally available in the UK (and it’s cheaper than Netflix)

Earlier this week it was announced Disney +, Disney’s dedicated streaming service is now available for UK audiences. And all of those people who haven’t already illegally streamed the much-coveted show The Mandalorian, will finally get a chance to see the internet sensation that is Baby Yoda. The streaming service also works out cheaper than the current market leader Netflix, costing viewers a dignified £5.99 per month. Disney will rollout its service to the rest of Europe later this year.