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5 Reasons Why Cloud Migration is a Good Idea for Your Business

over 1 year ago by James Kenealey

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As the landscape of the working world is forced to shift in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, more businesses are looking towards IT solutions that help them streamline their operations and allow more flexibility and accessibility for their employees.

One solution a lot of businesses are looking into is cloud migration. So why are businesses looking to it, and is it a great time for cloud migration jobs?

Cloud migration is the act of moving data, applications and business elements into a cloud-based computing environment. This is commonly the movement of business data from a physical, on-site data centre into the public cloud. But what are the main benefits of cloud migration?

Enhanced security

Cloud computing allows businesses to enhance both data security and data accessibility, as it allows authorised users to access the data over the internet without the need for specific physical hardware. It also shifts the responsibility of security from the business to the cloud service provider, which means handling security issues and updating mechanisms is no longer the responsibility or concern of the business itself.

Improves business continuity

Business continuity is a big concern for all organisations. In the event of the physical destruction of the premises or a cyber-attack, businesses without adequate business continuity measures in place could find themselves in trouble.
Utilising a cloud-based service once again takes the burden of disaster recovery away from the business itself, with the leading cloud solutions far more robust than other technologies.
Should a business face, for example, a fire, the company data will remain unharmed since it exists in the cloud and still be can be accessed as normal.

Fosters collaboration

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the urgent need for healthcare businesses and researchers to be able to collaborate far more quickly and effectively than ever before. With a huge amount of data being collected globally surrounding COVID-19 in the race for a vaccine, cloud computing was utilised in the life sciences industry to allow labs around the world to collaborate on research and access each other’s data quickly and reliably.

Cloud computing offers a way to bring together all data in a safe, secure and instantly accessible environment, whether your business is in just one building or in multiple locations around the world.

Simplifies IT infrastructures

Businesses are normally required to have a large team of dedicated IT professionals on hand to maintain the onsite IT provisions. With the cloud, this need is greatly diminished because running applications and storing data happens outside of the business, so businesses aren’t required to have ever more complex physical systems put in place and maintained as they expand. With more and more businesses taking the steps towards this new way of building their IT infrastructure, it’s a good time to be looking for jobs in cloud migration.

Improves efficiency

Connecting existing applications and solutions via the cloud is another benefit to migration. This interconnectivity streamlines their own service while also opening the possibility of utilising the existing solutions from the cloud provider. With these solutions existing within the cloud, users can access the latest version of them at any time, greatly reducing waste time in handling complex updates and software configuration.

Cloud migration is certainly looking like the future for a lot of businesses, and the change in global working habits has certainly meant that the cloud revolution has picked up pace.

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