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Working With IT Recruiters

Working with an experienced IT recruiter to find your next role can be the most efficient way to secure your dream IT job. However, there are several points to consider that will make sure you get the most out of the recruiter that you are working with.

Emphasise your specialist IT skills

The first most important factor to get right is to explain where you currently are in your career and be specific about your next steps. Make sure the recruiter knows, firstly, what IT skills and experience you have in your field and, secondly, what new IT role you are looking for. This includes details such as your salary expectations, the scope of the role, location and type of company etc.

By making all of the above information clear from day one, you avoid the risk of wasting the IT recruiters time and will make the IT recruitment process a lot easier.

> Good communication = quick IT recruitment process

Good communication during the IT recruitment process is key. Make sure you reply to all emails, return calls and keep the IT recruiter updated on your situation. You never know, that missed call may be the ticket to your new job!

> Trust their expertise

IT Recruiters are specialists in finding the right role for the right candidate, they know all the tricks of the trade supported by expert industry knowledge to help you find your dream IT job. Many IT recruiters have been working within the IT recruitment process for a long time and are therefore experts in their field.

  • CV: IT Recruiters look at hundreds of CVs every week so they know what to look for in a good CV. Trust their advice and consider any improvements that they suggest.

  • Interview Prep: A good IT recruiter will be there for you up until you secure your new job, so helping you prep for your interview is an essential part of the IT recruitment process. Combined with your own personal preparation, listen to what they have to say and take their advice.
Additionally, if you feel you need any further help, just ask!

> Dos and don'ts

Overall there are some fundamental dos and don’ts to keep in mind when working with an IT recruiter:

  • Communicate efficiently with your IT recruiter
  • Give feedback and expect to receive feedback
  • Have an idea of what you are looking for before you get in contact
  • Be open to their suggestions


  • Don’t take constructive criticism personally, it is an important part of the IT recruitment process
  • Don’t fabricate information about your experience and CV

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