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Data Visualisation Analyst


Data Visualisation can make understanding, sharing and using data easier and is quickly becoming the preferred method of sharing data. Data Visualisation is a form of Business Intelligence that bridges the gap between people and data to make decision making quicker and more agile.

A Data Visualisation Analyst will be able to collect the necessary data and format it into something that can be understood by every employee. Complex spreadsheets can be useful to a well trained eye, however for many employees who possess different specialisms, understanding large amounts of data and its potential impact is often difficult and requires a certain degree of training. 


Data Visualisation has been proven to apply more to the natural way in which most humans brains work. A Data Visualisation Analyst can interpret complex data sets and translate it into something that can be easily understood, such as a pictorial or an infograph.

This enables employees working at all levels to quickly understand complex information and make quicker and better supported decisions. As the practice is a blend of science and art there is limitless opportunity to create more engaging visualisations such as interactive graphs that change automatically as and when data is collected.  

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It isn't just for internal use however, Data Visualisation can also be used as key marketing messages, designed to promote unique brand awareness based on your company. For example, a live interactive figure of the number of new customers your company has acquired over the last week embedded onto your website, or an engaging piece of content for an email marketing campaign aimed at existing or potential clients. The scope of potential uses is only limited by your imagination.

At the Bridge we help companies of all sizes across the UK streamline the decision making process by hiring the right data specialists. If you are looking for a data professional or would like to find out more information about the services we provide, get in touch with us today on 0113 380 1919.