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Head of PMO


For companies who consistently run numerous projects often at the same time, hiring a Head of PMO or PMO Director could be the best option. Like the PMO Manager, the Head of PMO is responsible for ensuring every project / programme is ran consistently with the standards set out by the Project Management Office. 

However, they are more likely to be responsible for the support and management of numerous projects across multiple branches/locations. Typically, an experienced Head of PMO will be accustomed to working in a fast-paced agile environment and will possess strong decision-making capabilities.

The role often requires the Head of PMO to work across multiple departments and is closely aligned to the senior level of an organisation. They will collect data and reports from the PMO and communicate this with senior level stakeholders to communicate project progress and status.

They are also instrumental in researching new PMO strategies, justifying the cost and implementing these throughout the PMO to ensure every project is aligned with modern methods of project management. This could also include new technology and systems, where they would work with the IT department to implement new software.


If your organisation specialises in one product / service it could be wise to hire a candidate who has prior experience in leading projects in that specific area. Every industry comes with its own unique parameters and demands, such as market interests and trends, marketing platforms, geographical locations, regulations etc.

Therefore managing multiple projects successfully that adhere to these unique parameters can often require an in depth understanding of the industry. Hiring the right Head of PMO with the right area of expertise can be vital in ensuring project success.  

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