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Master Data Management / Master Data Analyst


Master Data Management streamlines the sharing process of data to better connect businesses internally. Instead of having influxes of data stored within different files, departments or branches, Master Data Management consolidates large amounts of data, organises it, checks for any duplication and distributes it across the entire organisation.

Master Data Management also covers more complex duties such as carrying out data quality assessments and data aggregation. A Master Data Analyst is responsible for the development, implementation and management of the Master Data systems. 


Maintaining efficient Master Data Management can be an arduous task and depending on the size of the company and volume of data, can require a dedicated Master Data Analyst.

Through designing and implementing ad hoc databases, a Master Analyst ensures data is being collated, stored and shared efficiently. From a business perspective an analyst can prescribe business decisions based on various different sources of data such as financial or consumer behaviour.

Through data they can work across a company in different departments to make operations more efficient i.e. identify duplicate jobs with the HR department, or design and implement better computer systems with the IT department.

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The role can often require an analyst to work agilely to fix data related problems as and when they occur, for example a fault in computer systems. Alternatively, they can work on projects / programmes to implement a data management system that can support and track progress or identify issues to optimise the project.

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