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PMO Manager


The primary job function of a PMO Manager is to ensure that the standards defined by the PMO (Project / Programme Management Office) are upheld throughout every stage of the project / programme. A PMO Manager plays an integral part in ensuring every member of the PMO Support team are identifying and monitoring every piece of data and assessing every potential risk and outcome. 

As part of the coordination of the PMO, they will highlight key areas of priority, delegate tasks and set deadlines. During the project the PMO Manager will typically work closely with the PMO to gather as much information as possible and make on the spot changes if required. 

The role can often vary depending on the PMO structure, its role within an organisation and the size and frequency of projects being undertaken. A PMO Manager may have to quickly adapt their management style and skill set based on what type of project is being undertaken. 

An individual project can sometimes require unique systems to measure performance, for example acquiring new staff may require a specialist Applicant Tracking System (ATS) installed to coordinate applicants. This would require the Manager to gain an understanding of the ATS and manage how the PMO use it to ensure a successful project. Additionally, every new project will typically come with its own set of timescales and budget parameters, which can often require a new management style and re-coordination of the PMO team.  


As managing a team whilst working within strict and tight parameters can often be stressful to say the least, it is essential that a PMO Manager possess the skills to motivate, coordinate and lead large teams of people. As part of this, a Manager will often work across departments and with people working at all levels, from mid level support to senior stakeholders, to report on progress, collaboratively work on fixing problems and take notes of any changes to the project and relay that information on to the PMO team to implement. The ability to plan ahead and account for every potential outcome and risk is another vital skill, but being able to think on their feet and create viable solutions to problems as and when they occur is just as important. 

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