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Business Intelligence Developers


A Business Intelligence Developer, or BI Developer for short, makes sense of the huge quantities of data that a company might process and make informed business suggestions based on that data. Using database and analytical programmes and analytical techniques such as OLAP, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, a Business Intelligence Developer can organise masses of data from which justifiable business decisions can be made.

For example, a BI Developer could create a database of a decade’s worth of sales information, then pinpoint the highest month for transactions and which country buys when, then translate this into an understandable format so the sales team know when and where are the best places to target. A specialist BI Developer will typically possess both a strong technical skillset and demonstrate considerable business acumen to assure maximum business optimisation.

At the Bridge we work with companies across the UK and help them grow their businesses by sourcing the right Business Intelligence Developer for their specific needs. We do this by listening to our clients and screening each candidate to make sure we find the best possible match. If you are looking to hire a BI Developer get in touch with us today.