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Data Analysts


Data Analysts are playing an increasingly important role in how businesses adapt and succeed within todays digital age. A Data Analyst can manage a broad range of data related responsibilities, such as financial data, market data, business data etc. but primarily a Data Analyst will translate data into readable information that can be used to assure better business decisions and scope out new directions.


The way in which businesses identify, evaluate and resolve issues based on internal data has streamlined the decision-making processes for many adaptive companies. But the process of collating, reviewing and utilising these big data sets is typically complex and time consuming. Subsequently many companies are now choosing to create exclusive Business Data Analyst roles within their organisations.

A Business Data Analyst can collect and review big data to identify any issues with internal systems, business efficiencies, opportunities and resolutions. A recent report found that global growth rate for Business Data Analyst roles has reached over 4000%, highlighting the growing demand for these professionals.


A Financial Data Analyst is a relatively more specialised role in comparison to say a Business Data Analyst, where the day to day responsibilities can be quite varied. A Financial Data Analyst is responsible for supporting business decisions from a financial perspective. This however, is not to say the role of a Financial Data Analyst is single faceted or straight-forward.

A Financial Data Analyst will be able to construct important data sets from several significant financial streams, i.e. revenue, profit margins, payroll, taxes etc. Typically, the higher the number of data sets that can be collected and reviewed - the bigger and better the results will be.  


Depending on the size of a company and scope of work that is required in relation to the available data, hiring a Data Analytics Consultant for a fixed term period could be the best option. A Data Analytics Consultant can offer an objective review of a company’s operations based on a wide range of data sets and highlight significant areas of improvement. Hiring a Data Analytics Consultant for a fixed term period can be a cost-effective way of significantly improving your business performance and increasing your overall ROI.

At the Bridge our team of expert consultants specialise in sourcing the best data analytics talent, to companies across the UK. Our team bring over 17 years’ experience working within the cyber and IT sectors to the table, which enables us to find the right talent for the right company. If you are looking to hire a specialist data analyst, contact us today.