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Data Architects


A Data Architect plays a fundamental role in the structuring and implementation of a company’s data assets. It is the responsibility of a Data Architect to create a standardised data model/models that can be integrated throughout a company to enable a systematic structuring of an overall business architecture. A Data Architect will create and implement the ways in which a company’s data is stored, consumed, accessed and works with IT software.

Data Architects have not only become essential in implementing intelligent business structures but have more recently become a vital necessity in legitimising a company. The new GDPR Act has regulated and subsequently changed the way in which data is stored, used and shared to assure every company in the EU is handling personal information responsibly. Hiring a Data Architect is one of the best ways of assuring your company handles the personal data of customers/clients responsibly and adheres to the regulations set out by the 2018 GDPR Act.

At the Bridge we have helped some of the UK’s largest companies implement intelligent business architecture projects by souring the best Data Architects. Our experience and efficient screening process means that we can identify the right candidate quickly. To find the right Data Architect for your company, get in touch with us today.