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Management Information Analysts


An MI Analyst evaluates the efficiency in which a company uses and manages their information, then implements necessary changes to better structure the flow of information. An MI Analyst will be at the forefront of information and data software developments and will review new pieces of software regularly to evaluate how it could improve a company’s information management. Some software is better for certain industries, this means that MI Analyst roles can be quite specialised and finding the right MI Analyst for your industry is essential.


Report Writers make the process of identifying and understanding information much more efficient and less time consuming. They are essential in simplifying the complex and presenting it to people working at every level of a company. A skilled Report Writer will be capable of utilising different tools to organise large quantities of information and package it into something presentable, in turn making the process of decision making quicker and justifiable.


Data Visualisation can make understanding, sharing and using data easier and is quickly becoming the preferred method of sharing data. Data Visualisation is a form of Business Intelligence that bridges the gap between people and data to make decision making quicker and more agile. A Data Visualisation Analyst will be able to collect the necessary data and format it into something that can be understood by every employee. Data Visualisation can also be used as unique key marketing messages to existing or targeted clients and can inform and engage with audiences.

At the Bridge we specialise in sourcing the best IT talent for every industry, this incudes MI Analysts, Report Writers, Data Visualisation Analysts and much more. If you are looking to hire talented IT professionals get in touch with us today.