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Product Owners & Product Managers


A Product Owner or Scrum Product Owner plays an important part in assuring communication between your development team and clients is constructive and influential in the development of your products. It is the role of a Scrum Product Owner to: represent your products to existing and prospective clients and collect feedback from them and relay that information to your internal developers to improve your products/services. 

As a client facing representative, a Scrum Product Owner must understand your company, product, industry and client extensively, so it is typically best practice to hire a Product Owner that has had prior experience working within the same industry with similar products. 


If you specialise in the development of digital and IT products and have a relatively large catchment of clients, hiring a dedicated Product Manager could be the next step toward securing a greater number of clients and implementing agile product management throughout your company. A good Product Manager will be an expert in maximising business value, understanding technology and markets and developing and maintaining clear communication with your company and your clients, all of which will assure agile product management. 

At the Bridge we tailor our service to every individual client, this allows us to source the right Product Owner and Product Manager for every business we work with, if you are looking to hire either a Product Manager or Product Owner, get in touch with us today.