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A Project Management Office (or PMO for short) is most commonly an internal team or department that are responsible for the development, integration and management of project systems / tools. Project management systems / tools can be anything from automated scheduling to in depth analysis software, but their main functions are to assist in the overall delivery of projects.

A PMO is also responsible for defining a set of standards and procedures that instruct every employee associated with the project / programme on how to integrate and manage every process, such as time management and communication.


A vital part of the Project Management Office is the PMO Analyst. It is the main responsibility of the PMO Analyst to track, analyse and collect data from live projects and ensure every stage of the project is in line with its planning and on track to achieving the targeted business goals. Having a dedicated PMO Analyst on board can be particularly vital for companies who are handling multiple or large-scale projects / programmes. 

A PMO Analyst will constantly asses each stage of the project and create status reports highlighting cost / budget, speed / performance, projected completion date etc. and share these reports with the project manager or associated stakeholders. Without a dedicated PMO Analyst, large-scale projects / programmes can be at risk of failing, as constant tracking and maintenance are commonly required to ensure absolute success.


The primary job function of a PMO Manager is to ensure that the standards defined by the PMO are upheld throughout the process of every project / programme. A PMO Manager plays an integral part in ensuring every member of the PMO team are identifying and monitoring every piece of data and assessing every potential risk and outcome.

As part of the coordination of the PMO, the PMO Manager will highlight key areas of priority, delegate tasks and set deadlines to assure everything is fully prepared for every stage of the project. During the project the PMO Manager will typically work closely with the PMO to gather as much information as possible and make on the spot changes if required.


For companies who consistently run numerous projects often at the same time, hiring a Head of PMO or PMO Director could be the best option. Like the PMO Manager, the Head of PMO is responsible for ensuring every project / programme is ran consistently with the standards set out by the PMO.

However, the Head of PMO is more likely to be responsible for the support and management of numerous projects across multiple branches/locations. Typically, an expereinced Head of PMO will be accustomed to working in a fast-paced agile environment and will possess strong decision-making capabilities.

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