Programme Planner


Defining Programme Planner and Project Planner as two different roles may seem superfluous, however the terms do refer to two solely different jobs, each with their own set of responsibilities. A Project is defined as something with a clear start date and end date, meaning a Project Planner has a specific time frame to work with to estimate cost, risk and resources.

Whereas a Programme is defined as something without time frames as the scale of the operation is either too big or requires constant management. Think of a Programme as a group of projects being undertaken at once, or one long never-ending project.

The role of a Programme Planner therefore is more convoluted as they are responsible for accounting for many different and often unrelated outcomes and considerations on different projects - but delivering assessments and plans simultaneously and relating to the overall programme.

Creating a programme structure compared to a project structure is often more complex and difficult as there are more variables to consider. This often requires the Programme Planner to work agilely alongside the programme to monitor performance and formulate new plans in a short time frame.