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Project Support


When leading any large-scale or lengthy IT or digital project it is wise to have a dedicated IT Project Manager on board to assure all aspects of the project are running efficiently. An IT Project Manager is responsible for overseeing and implementing planning, delegating responsibilities, managing staff, assuring timescales are being met and maintaining coherent communication with all parties involved.

Having the right IT Project Manager in place can be especially vital when projects are taking place across multiple locations/branches, this is when communication must be maintained and every aspect of the project meticulously organised and managed.


It is typically the main responsibility of a Project Support Officer to assist in the day to day responsibilities of the IT Project Manager. This can be anything from research and analysis to organising meetings and implementing technical changes.

An experienced Project Support Officer will take the time to fully immerse themselves within the IT project so that they can work both collaboratively with the IT project team and IT Project Manager, and autonomously when required. This means that a successful Project Support Officer will possess the versatility required to handle many different responsibilities, often at the same time.


Hiring the right IT Project Manager or Project Support Officer is crucial in ensuring a successful IT project is carried out and business goals are achieved. Different projects, industries and companies can require unique skillsets and experience, it is therefore essential that the right IT Project Manager / Project Support Officer is selected.