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Scrum Master


The term agile working is becoming ever more popular with today’s technology savvy companies. Agile working basically refers to the implementation of methodologies that allows each team within a company to self-manage, conceptualise and implement fast changes in real time, as problems and opportunities occur.

The word scrum is derived from the rugby term where two teams huddle together to restructure the match and coordinate players. In business the scrum is often a morning meeting where progress is reviewed, ideas are shared, and every team member is aware of their duties.

It is the role of a Scrum Master to coordinate the Scrum Team and other departments to ensure that every single team member is aware of their duties for say an upcoming project. A Scrum Master will typically work closely with a Product Owner or development team on projects such as a product launch to devise strategies, track progress, implement agile working and coordinate teams.

Typically, an experienced Scrum Master will possess the ability to manage, motivate and coordinate large teams of people, have outstanding time management and organisational skills and possess a deep understanding of scrum methodologies and agile working.